Jr. Fair Book

Animal & Veterinary Science Department J-10

Premiums Offered for Class A

Blue – $2.00
Red – $1.75
White – $1.50
Pink – $1.25

Dept. J-10, Class A – Small Pets

Judging Saturday, two weeks prior to fair, 9:30 a.m.  Judging time: Odd numbered years start with cats, even numbered years start with small animals.

Open to exhibitors in corresponding projects. Exhibitors must furnish own cages or tanks (portable cages/tanks are acceptable). It is not necessary to bring the entire living habitat for your animal. Small pets will be taken home right after judging. This is Danish System judging, NOT face-to-face.

One Grand Champion and one Reserve Champion will be selected from the department if there are at least 6 animals shown. Ribbon will be awarded.

  1. Cavies (guinea pigs)
  2. Cage birds
  3. Chinchilla
  4. Hamster
  5. Reptiles and amphibians
  6. Crossbred/pet rabbits and all non-recognized rabbit breeds or varieties (i.e. Champagne deBruins or Lilac Havanas)
  7. Any other small pet, no angora or pygmy goats


PREMIUMS OFFERED for Classes B, C, D, E and F

Blue – $1.75
Red – $1.50
White – $1.25
Pink – $1.00

One Grand Champion and one Reserve Champion will be selected from the non-animal Vet Science exhibits.







Department J-10, Class B – Veterinary Science

Members are to mark the fair year on the back of posters in this department. Open to members enrolled in Veterinary Science Projects. Unless otherwise stated, the term “exhibit” under Veterinary Science may be a poster to fit the project, scrapbook, diary, collection, chart, display or any other idea that shows your project in the best possible way. Where exhibit calls for poster or chart, the size must be 14”x22”, unless otherwise specified. Where exhibit calls for a display, this is not limited to a 14”x22”, unless otherwise specified.  Members may refer to 4-H Veterinary Science literature for project information.

Vet Science – Grade 3-6

  1. Exhibit exploring a veterinary career.
  2. Poster or chart explaining animal body systems or organs.
  3. Display about proper animal nutrition.
  4. Display or poster related to animal safety.
  5. Any other exhibit not listed above.

Vet Science – Grade 7-9

  1. Exhibit about bio security.
  2. Poster of the life cycle of an animal parasite.
  3. Display or poster about feed contamination.
  4. Any other exhibit not listed above.

Vet Science – Grade 10 & Above

  1. Exhibit about technological advances related to animal health.
  2. Poster or chart about Zoonotic diseases.
  3. Poster or display exploring animal-related careers.
  4. Diagram of a cell.
  5. Any other exhibit not listed above.


*** Horseless Horse Project members partnering with a horse and pony project member or leader to work with a live animal, must make fair entries from Dept. J-6 for live animal and may enter in J-10 Class C, D, & F.


Department J-10, Class C – Horseless Horse***

Open to exhibitors enrolled in Horseless Horse or Horse projects. All charts to be 14”x22”.

  1. Chart: drawings and explanation of the markings and color of horse.
  2. Chart or display on history and development of the horse.
  3. Display and description of photographs of 6 breeds of horses.
  4. Booklet of year’s activities and things learned in Horseless Horse.
  5. Display and description of photographs of 6 different colors of horses.
  6. Chart, poster or display of nutrition for a horse.
  7. Chart of how parasite cycles pass through a horse.
  8. Diagram and label parts of bridle and saddle (English or Western).


Department J-10, Class D – Clothes Horse/ Equestrian Attire***

Open to exhibitors in the Horse/Pony and Horseless Horse projects. Work must be that of exhibitor in the current year.

  1. Grooming mitt
  2. Grooming apron
  3. Quilted leg wraps
  4. Leg or tail wrap
  5. Western pad
  6. English pad
  7. Cooling sheet
  8. Horse blanket
  9. Human clothing


Dept. J-10, Class E – Petless Pet/Animal Project

Each member may exhibit up to 3 entries. Entries must be prepared for this year only and made solely by exhibitor. Charts or posters to be 14”x22” and scrapbooks to be 8 1/2”x11”. Open to any member enrolled in any animal project.  Open to grades 3 and above.

  1. Poster on the parts of a pet/animal.
  2. Poster on at least five different breeds of pet/animal.
  3. Poster on the parasites of a pet/animal.
  4. Poster on any other pet/animal-related topic.
  5. Scrapbook on breeds and characteristics of a pet/animal.
  6. Scrapbook that tells a story about a pet/animal you own, care for or work with during the year. (Pictures, drawings and photographs may be used.)
  7. Scrapbook of year’s activities and things learned in Petless Pet/Animal Project.
  8. Exhibit or display relating to an animal project.

Department J-10, Class F – Model Horse***

Open to exhibitors in the Horse/Pony and Horseless Horse projects. Work must be that of exhibitor in the current year.

Ribbon Only Class.  Date/time of judging to be determined. If judging is held prior to the fair, exhibitors will be required to have at least one item for display during the fair.

  1. Western type halter (stock breeds)
  2. English type halter (lighter/gaited breeds)
  3. Western pleasure – requires a bridle, saddle, and saddle pad
  4. Costume by exhibitor – Costume has to be made by the exhibitor. Include a 3×5 card to explain what, why, and how you made the costume.
  5. Open/other performance class – could include trail, jumping, driving, gymkhana, extreme cowboy, rodeo, etc. Appropriate tack and a 3×5 explanation card are required.

Department J-10, Class G – Self-Determined,

Animal and Vet Science

  1. Exhibit, other than those listed above in classes A-E. To be the work of the exhibitor in the current year.
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