Jr Fair Book

Cloverbuds – Department J-35

Class A — Cloverbuds

To be judged face to face Wednesday, entry day, 12:00 noon-7 p.m.

Each Cloverbud member is allowed to bring up to four (4) entries.


Each participant will be awarded a ribbon. On entry form, indicate lot number of each entry which will be brought to the fair. Posters should be 14”x22”. Photography exhibits should be no larger than 14”x22”.  Do not use foam board.

  1. Sewing exhibit
  2. Garden exhibit
  3. Nature exhibit (no bird nests or feathers)
  4. Craft exhibit
  5. Photography exhibit
  6. Drawing or painting
  7. Any model (car, airplane, Legos, wood, etc.)
  8. Flower exhibit
  9. Woodworking exhibit
  10. Recycled/upcycled item
  11. Any other exhibit (no animals)
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