Jr Fair Book

Health & Citzenship – Department J-34

  •  To be judged face-to-face, Wednesday, 12:00 noon-7 p.m.

One Grand Champion and one Reserve Champion will be selected from Communications Exhibits, youth leadership, and health science exhibits, and self-determined exhibits.

Members are to mark the fair year on the back of posters in this department.

Where exhibit calls for poster or chart, the size must be 14”x22”, unless otherwise specified. Where exhibit calls for a display, this is not limited to a 14”x22”, unless otherwise specified.

Premiums Offered

Blue – $1.75
Red – $1.50
White – $1.25
Pink – $1.00

Department J-34, Class A – Health

Reference 4-H Health literature: First Aid in Action (BU 8174), Staying Healthy (BU 8175) and Keeping Fit (BU 8176).

  1. Create a poster about germs and/or hand-washing (For ideas: Staying Healthy, BU 8175, pg. 8-9)
  2. Exhibit/display/poster showing energy balance (calorie intake vs. calories burned through physical activity). Show at least 6 food intake examples with corresponding physical activity required to burn the intake of excessive calories (over what is needed in an average day). For example, to burn 525 calories the average person would need to do 2 hours and 35 minutes of housecleaning. Site your source (s).
  3. Poster about career opportunities in the health field.
  4. Create at least 6 first-aid cards. You can create your own card design; include information similar to the health literature (First Aid in Action, BU 8174, pg. 30-36).

Department J-34, Class B – International

  1. Write a short report (150-200 words) on a country you would like to visit and why.
  2. Make a poster on the native costumes of a foreign country.
  3. Make a poster on an environmental issue facing the world (such as hunger, global warming, etc.)
  4. Any other International project.

Department J-34, Class C – Intergenerational

  1. Draw a family tree (not limited to 14 x 22)
  2. Interview an older family member or friend about life when they were younger.

Department J-34, Class D – Citizenship

  1. Make a poster on the steps used to plan an activity for your community.
  2. A letter or picture of what citizenship means to me.

Department J-34, Class E – Service Learning

  1. My service learning project journal, photo diary or scrapbook
  2. Display or poster of possible solutions to my community’s needs and my community project action plan.
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