Jr Fair Book

Rabbits – Department J-8

  • Judging Thursday, 8:30 a.m.

Be sure you understand health regulations before you enter

Open only to exhibitors enrolled in Rabbit Projects. Pens will be furnished by Fair. Cages may be padlocked by exhibitor. The County Fair Association will not be responsible for any losses of animals or equipment.

Members MUST enter showmanship on fair entry form; exhibitors will NOT be automatically entered in rabbit and/or poultry showmanship. Project members may also exhibit in Department J-10, Class E, Petless Pet/Animal Project. All judging of rabbits will follow the A.R.B.A Standard of Perfection. A standards book is available for viewing at the UW-Extension office. Recognized breeds may be exhibited even if not in standard of perfection. Information to order your own copy is also available.

Be aware while transporting animals in extremely hot weather.  Extreme temperature changes (i.e., heat to air conditioning to heat) can cause extreme stress.  Less stress would be caused if just hauled in an open aired vehicle.  If the weather is extremely hot, try to bring your animals in the early morning or late evening when it is cooler.  Always try to have fresh water available.  Water is also available on the west side of the new addition to the poultry and rabbit barn.


Premiums will be withheld from exhibitors who do not comply with the barn rules set forth for the department in which they are exhibiting.

  1. Care of animals is the responsibility of the exhibitor. Animals should be fed and watered twice a day. Proper food and water containers should be used (no paper or styrofoam cups).
  2. Keep aisles swept and clean. Exhibitors may need to supply some of their own bedding.
  3. Tack (carrying crates, show tables, etc.) and excess supplies (including food and water) that do not fit in an empty pen should not be stored in the barn.
  4. NO horseplay allowed in barn (running, throwing water, etc.)
  5. Animals will be released at 4 p.m. on Sunday and barn cleared out by 7 p.m. Exhibitors are asked to take down pens as their animals are removed. Superintendents are not responsible for animals left in barn past 7 p.m.

**If you have a conflict and cannot be at the fair to care for your animals, have someone from your family or club do it for you or contact one of the superintendents they will be more than happy to check on your animals if necessary.

Rabbits must be brought to the judge on time. Any rabbit showing symptoms of disease when received during the show will be removed immediately. Exhibitors may not enter more than 18 rabbit entries. The 18 entries include Market Class: Fryer, Roaster and Meat Pen.

Premiums Offered

Blue – $2.00
Red – $1.75
White – $1.50
Pink – 1.25

All market animals are eligible to show regardless of participation in the market animal sale. Small market animal sale participants must follow printed small market animal rules.  Sponsored by the Small Market Animal Committee: one Grand Champion and one Reserve Champion will be selected from all 3 market lots combined.

Department J-8, Class A – Market Class

  1. Single Fryer, between 3 ½ to 5 ½ pounds and not over 69 days. May not be entered in any other class.
  1. Roaster, a single rabbit, either sex, between 70 and 180 days of age and 5 ½ to 9 pounds in weight. May not be entered in any other class.
  1. Meat Pen (to consist of 3 rabbits). All rabbits shall be of the same breed and variety. No rabbit may be over 69 days old. Need to weigh between 3 ½ to 5 ½ pounds. These rabbits may not be entered in any other class.

Breed Classes

A Grand Champion and a Reserve Champion will be selected

from this department. Ribbons will be awarded. Trophies will be offered for Best of Breed and Best Opposite depending on what donors would like to sponsor.

Rabbit Department Lot Numbers to correspond to animal age for Classes B-S:

  1. Junior Buck, under 6 months
  2. Junior Doe, under 6 months
  3. Senior Buck, over 6 months (includes intermediate)
  4. Senior Doe, over 6 months (includes intermediate)

Refer to Lots 1-4 above for animal age.


Lots B-1 through B-4


Lots C-1 through C-4

Department J-8, Class D – CALIFORNIAN

Lots D-1 through D-4

Department J-8, Class E – DUTCH

Lots E-1 through E-4

Department J-8, Class F – FLEMISH GIANTS

Lots F-1 through F-4

Department J-8, Class G – NEW ZEALAND

Lots G-1 through G-4

Department J-8, Class H – MINI SATINS

Lots H-1 through H-4

Department J-8, Class I – REX

Lots I-1 through I-4

Department J-8, Class J – REX, MINI

Lots J-1 through J-4

Department J-8, Class K – SATINS

Lots K-1 through K-4

Department J-8, Class L – ANY OTHER FANCY BREED

(Dwarf Hotot, Florida White, Himalayan, Silver, Thrianta, Polish, Standard Chinchilla, Lilac, American Sable, Silver Marten, Belgian Hare, Brittannia Petite)

Lots L-1 through L-4

Department J-8, Class M – LOPS, HOLLAND

Lots M-1 through M-4

Department J-8, Class N – RUNNING BREEDS

(English Spot, Tan, Rhinelander, Checkered Giants)

Lots N-1 through N-4

Department J-8, Class O – LOPS, MINI

Lots O-1 through O-4

Department J-8, Class P – WOOL BREEDS

(Giant Angora, English Angora, French Angora, Satin Angora, Jersey Wooly, Fuzzy Lop, Lionheads)

Lots P-1 through P-4

Department J-8, Class Q – HARLEQUINS

Lots Q-1 through Q-4

Department J-8, Class R – HAVANA

Lots R-1 through R-4


(American, Beveren, Champagne d’Argent, Giant Chinchilla, Cinnamon, Creme d’Argent, Blanc de Hotot, Palomino, Silver Fox, French Lop, English Lop, Argente Brun)

Lots S-1 through S-4

 Dept. J-8, Class T- Rabbit Showmanship

Members MUST enter showmanship on fair entry form; exhibitors will NOT be automatically entered in rabbit and/or poultry showmanship.

 Premiums Offered

Blue – $3.00
Red – $2.50
White – $2.00
Pink – $1.50

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