Jr Fair Book

Sheep – Department J-4

Judging Thursday, 8:00 a.m.

Be sure you understand health regulations before you enter

Open to exhibitors of all grades enrolled in the Sheep project. Members may exhibit 6 or fewer animals. There must be a minimum number of six animals shown in each breed before a Grand Champion will be chosen in that breed. No animals can be shown unless they are docked. In the breeding classes, registered Columbias, Corriedale, Rambouillets and Targhees show with two inches of wool or less. All other breeds must have been completely shorn between two months and two weeks of show date. Project members may also exhibit in Department J-10, Class – E, Petless Pet/Animal Project.

Base Dates, Breeding Class:

Spring Lamb for Cheviot, Southdown, Shropshire, Columbia or Oxford breeds: one born after February 1 of exhibit year. All other breeds: spring lamb is one born on or after December 15 of year preceding exhibit year.
Fall Lamb for Cheviot, Southdown, Shropshire, Columbia or Oxford breeds: one born during the period betweenSeptember 1 of the year preceding exhibit year through January 31 of the exhibit year. All other breeds: fall lamb is one born during the period of September 1 through December 14 of year preceding exhibit year.
Mature Ewe Born before January 1 of year preceding exhibit year.
Yearling Ewe or Ram Born outside the date of birth limitations stated above.

Premiums Offered

Blue – $5.00
Red – $4.00
White – $3.00
Pink – $2.00

Grand Champions – Ribbons

  1. Spring Ram Lamb
  2. Fall Ram Lamb
  3. Yearling Ram
  4. Spring Ewe Lamb
  5. Fall Ewe Lamb
  6. Yearling Ewe
  7. Mature Ewe
  8. Grand Champion

Department J-4, Class A – SHROPSHIRE

A-1 through A-8

Department J-4, Class B – HAMPSHIRE

B-1 through B-8

Department J-4, Class C – SUFFOLK

C-1 through C-8

Department J-4, Class D – SOUTHDOWN

D-1 through D-8

Department J-4, Class E – COLUMBIA

E-1 through E-8

 Department J-4, Class F – CORRIEDALE

F-1 through F-8

Department J-4, Class G – CHEVIOT

(G-1 through G-8)

Department J-4, Class H – RAMBOUILLET

(H-1 through H-8)

Department J-4, Class I – DORSET

(I-1 through I-8)

Department J-4, Class J – Crossbreed

(J-1 through J-8)

Department J-4, Class K – Any Other Breed

(K-1 through K-8)

Department J-4, Class L – Market Lambs

Maximum of three animals. See Market Animal Sale Rules and Regulations for lamb weight classes. Lots reflect the number of animals exhibitor will enter in this class.

  1. Market lamb, ewe or wether (1 animal).
  2. Market lamb, ewe or wether (2 animals).
  3. Market lamb, ewe or wether (3 animals).

Participants in the Market Animal Sale activity must enter in

Class L. Furthermore, members participating in the activity must have animals registered by the Market Animal informational meetings in February and identified by the Market Animal Committee. No animal will be allowed to enter the Market Animal Sale activity after those meetings have passed.

All market livestock are eligible to show regardless of their weight, rate of gain or participation in the Market Animal Sale activity.

All animals must be weighed as soon as they unload from the truck on entry day. Animals arriving at the fair should be reasonably clean. The weigh-in committee or superintendents should not have to handle dirty animals.

If an exhibitor has two/three animals in the same weight class, one animal will be bumped to the next higher weight class.  If an exhibitor has two animals in the heavy weight class, another youth exhibitor can show one animal and this youth needs to be a current Waupaca County Junior Fair Exhibitor in the same project area. If an exhibitor has two animals in the heavy weight class only one premium will be given.

Exhibitors of animals sold in auction will be liable for animals up to the time of delivery to the buyer, which will be release time on Sunday, 4:00 p.m., unless previous arrangements have been made. Market Animal Sale participants MUST follow the printed Market Animal Rules.

Department J-4, Class M – Sheep Carcass Class

Grand and Reserve Champion rosettes will be awarded.  Entries in this class will be judged using the Danish System. An exhibitor may enter a market lamb shown at the current fair, but is limited to a single entry in the Sheep Carcass class. Only animals sold at the livestock auction will be eligible for entry in this carcass class. All sale participants will automatically be entered in the carcass class.

Premiums Offered

Blue – $6.00
Red – $5.00
White – $4.00
Pink – $3.00

  1. Sheep carcass.

Department J-4, Class N – Sheep Showmanship

All sheep exhibitors will automatically be entered in Showmanship.

Premiums Offered

Blue – $3.00
Red – $2.50
White – $2.00
Pink – $1.50

  1. Senior Showman (grades 10, 11, 12, 13 as of January 1).
  2. Intermediate Showman (grades 7, 8, 9 as of January 1).
  3. Beginner Showman (grades3, 4, 5, 6 as of January 1).

Department J-4, Class O – Herdsman Award

Open to any 4-H Club, FFA Chapter or other organized youth group. All exhibits at the fair will be included.

Premium – Trophy

  1. Herdsman Award.

Department J-4, Class P – Club Flock

(4 Placings)

  1. Club Flock (3 sheep of any breed from a club group by at least 2 different exhibitors.)
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