Livestock Barn Rules

(beef, sheep, swine)

A. The care of animals is the responsibility of the exhibitor. Animals should be fed and watered twice a day (more often if the weather demands).
B. Bedding should be kept dry and manure free. Remove daily as needed. All exhibitors are to dispose of manure in the designated receptacles. Morning cleanup should be completed by 10:00 a.m.
C. Keep aisles swept and clean. No fitting stalls allowed in any aisle in any livestock barn (outside only).
D. Wash areas should be cleaned after use. All hoses and equipment must be properly stored when not in use by owners.
E. Exhibit should reflect that is has been tended to on a regular basis each day.
F. ALL staples must be removed from ALL display boards in dairy, beef, swine, sheep, and goat barns.

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